About Workshops
Make unique clothes for your kids or little presents for your friends.

Mama-made would like to teach you how to sew in a way that is fun and easy without being complicated or frustrating.

Every workshop is dedicated to a new little project which involves one or two sewing techniques which are simplified to suit your sewing level. The aim is to leave with a beautiful finished “piece” at the end of every workshop. In this way every class is a little success, especially for beginners and it’s so rewarding to go home and show off what you have created.

Even if you are not a beginner, you might enjoy dropping in on a group of like-minded people, exchanging the latest craft and sewing ideas while taking part in fun projects. Making time for your passion whilst running a family and busy work schedule is always tricky but certainly worth the effort.

Apron WorkshopMaybe you’ve always found it difficult to apply a bias-tape or you’ve wanted to know an easy way to make a bias-band yourself from your own fabric? Check out the children’s apron workshop where you can learn all about working with bias-tapes.

In sewing there are always different ways to approach things. We try to choose easy and effortless ways without relying on fancy equipment. By the end of every class you’ll get a print out with instructions and a pattern of the workshop’s item, so you can repeat the lesson at home. We always encourage our students to do some ‘home work’ as this is the best way to consolidate new tips and tricks they’ve learned recently.

We recently found a new home at Leiden’s handwerkwinkel Meet & Make. There are several sewing machines which can be used during the workshops, but you’re also welcome to bring your own if you like. The lessons are 2 1/2 hours long and items are simplified according to sewing level to be achievable within this time.

Have a look at our agenda to see which workshops are coming up soon or alternatively have a browse at our workshop examples to get inspired. If you have an idea for a workshop, please feel free to share it with us as we are always open to new ideas and adventures.

Come & Join us!