About Mama Made

Welcome to the Mama Made website. I’m delighted you found your way here and hope you share the joy for beautiful homemade products for children.

Mama Made makes children’s clothes and gifts with love. Whenever possible, we try to use organic and/or fair trade textiles for our products. We are also big fans of vintage fabrics for unique items or custom made orders. Making new clothes from your old ones or pimping a plain t-shirt with a simple but very cute idea makes it special –  to you and to your child. Haven’t we all got that one very special item from our childhood? Mama Made would be proud to create something like this for your loved ones.

For Sonja, Mama Made had already begun in 2009. Spending the first year at home after her daughter’s birth, she realised the impact a child has on one’s life and the beautiful changes it brings.

SonjaRealising that much of the baby and children’s products available were usually mass produced and ethically devoid, she started to create and sew them herself. Her first pieces were a little rough though not without a charm derived from love and uniqueness. Through books and Youtube videos, she continued to teach herself to sew as well as meet other mums and encourage them to do the same thing.

And so, ‘Mama Made’ was born though not yet ready to stand on its own feet. It took another four years, daughter number two, moving countries, countless self-made projects, presents for friends and orders from people who had heard about Sonja’s work before she could get her ideas off the ground.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about Mama Made. I would love to hear from you!